Our Services


Looking for help with QuickBooks? Well, look no further! We offer support and training for Mac & PCs.  We can help you find the QuickBooks accounting software that is right for your company. We offer hands-on QuickBooks Classes in our office or yours. We have a Basic class and an Intermediate class, as well as, personalized one-on-one services & consulting. Check out our QuickBooks page for more details.

Technology Consulting & Solutions

We have trained consultants in network design, website development and system integration to help you manage information, which as become one of the most important factors in running a successful business.

Business Consulting & Management

It is all about helping our clients reach their goals. At the Cleveland Group, we realize that numbers are only half the battle. We incorporate our wealth of experience with our diversified client base to help you address your specific business and management concerns. We offer a variety of consulting services designed to improve your business’s operations.

Tax Planning & Preparation

At the Cleveland Group, we ensure that our tax preparers are adequately trained and familiar with the ever-changing world of tax law. We realize that the annual tax return is a necessary evil; however, we believe that in addition to tax preparation, tax planning should figure into the tax equation. Individuals who plan for tax implications throughout the year can maximize the benefits of changing laws and regulations, or at a minimum, reduce the shock of tax deadline day.

Audit & Compliance Services

In many areas of business, third parties rely on audited financial statements to ensure that the statements fairly present the financial position of the company. Requirements for audited financial statements vary from industry to industry. The Cleveland Group routinely provide audits in these and other more general areas, and our reputation adds credibility to your financial statements. You can expect to see a familiar face year after year, as well as competitive pricing.

Accounting & Financial Record Keeping

At the Cleveland Group, we believe that understanding your financial statements and managing your accounting system are key ingredients to the financial success of your business. Financial statements are meant to be used as a management tool – when used as such, they can provide invaluable insight into your business. It is our goal to provide you with quality financial information in an organized, easy to understand format.

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